Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

You can now say goodbye to the never ending piles of dirty clothes, with a new era of twin tub washing machines coming your way. These are fairly new to the market, advancing from the traditional twin tub structure with larger capacity drums.

  • Silent operation
  • Twin tub washer
  • Attractive glass top
  • Powerful big pulsator
  • Rust proof plastic body
  • Shock proof design


$420.00 $350.00


Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Enormous piles of washing at the end of the week can take its toll on your day off when you’re waiting at home just to get the second load on. A twin tub washing machine is a convenient way to save you time as well as space, with most twin tubs stacking one on top of the other. By combining two tubs into one appliance it can also be a more affordable option than buying a second washing machine for your household.

It may not be very practical to have two separate washers in one laundry room, so buying a two-in-one washer could also be a handy way to separate whites from colors or simply run a small wash of delicate or wool items without waiting for a full load to pile up.


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